Automatic Re-enrolment 2022

Automatic Re-enrolment at Network Rail

Automatic enrolment into a workplace pension scheme began at Network Rail in April 2013.
Every three years, legislation requires employers to automatically re-enrol its employees into a workplace pension scheme. Network Rail will fulfil these duties on 24 April 2022, with pension contributions being deducted from eligible employees May 2022 pay.

Automatic re-enrolment applies to workers who are not already in a Network Rail workplace pension scheme, and who meet the following criteria:

  • earn more than £10,000 a year (£768 every 4 weeks);
  • are aged 22 or over; and
  • are under State Pension age.

What does this mean for you?

  • In the Railways Pension Scheme or CARE scheme? 
    • You will not be affected by re-enrolment as these schemes meet legislative requirements.
  • In the NRDC but paying less than the minimum 5 per cent contribution?
    • If you are already a member of the NRDC scheme and contributing at a level less than the Government regulations require, your NRDC pension contributions will increase in your June pay to the minimum 5 per cent contribution.
  • Not in a Network Rail pension scheme and meet the criteria listed above?
    • You will be re-enrolled into the NRDC scheme from 24 April 2022 and will make a contribution in your May pay.
  • Was a member of NRDC but opted out?
    • Automatic re-enrolment will apply even if you have recently opted out of any of the Network Rail pension schemes.

What is the contribution rate?

The minimum employee contribution is 5 per cent of your ‘Qualifying Earnings’ (employer contribution is 3 per cent) and contributions will be deducted from your May 2022 pay (PSE 13 May and HRMS 27 May).

What next?

If you are subject to automatic re-enrolment you will receive written notification with details of your options.

Can I opt out?

Yes, you can opt out of the NRDC completely or just opt out of making the minimum contributions.  How to opt out will be detailed in the enrolment letter or view the FAQ document at the following link  

If you were not part of a Network Rail pension scheme before 24 April 2022 and opt out completely within 30 days, then you will receive a refund of your pension contributions.
If you opt out of the ‘underpin’ only and remain in the NRDC scheme, your contributions will remain invested in your personal account.   

If you are an existing NRDC member, then no refund is available but your contributions will remain in your personal account. 

Further information can be found at the following link