Leaving the RPS

When you leave the RPS, either by opting out, joining the NRDC or CARE, or by ceasing employment with Network Rail, the options available to you will depend on your length of RPS membership.

Opting out with less than one months RPS membership

If you opt out of the RPS within one month of joining the Scheme, you will be treated as though you had never joined.
You will receive a refund of any RPS contributions you have paid, less an adjustment for tax and National Insurance.
You will not get a refund of Network Rail’s RPS contributions.

You can request an RPS Opt out form from the Network Rail Pensions Team.

More than one months RPS membership

If you have more than one months RPS membership, you have the following options;

  • keep your RPS pension benefits in the Scheme up to retirement, at which point you can draw your RPS benefits. Your RPS benefits will receive increases each April in line with legislation (currently the Consumer Price Index (CPI)) up to the date you draw your RPS pension benefits;
  • transfer your RPS pension benefits to another registered pension arrangement.