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Network Rail believes that providing great pension benefits is an important part of being a responsible employer that values its staff during employment and wants to continue that support after retirement.

This site is your one-stop-shop for:

  • Discovering the pension options Network Rail (NR) offers its employees;
  • Learning more about the pension scheme you are currently a member of;
  • Logging on and checking your own pension benefits and their value;
  • Acting to make sure you get the most from the benefits available to you.

We’re proud to provide you with a range of pension options as demonstrated by the three schemes that employees can currently join: the Railways Pension Scheme (NR section); the NRDC defined contribution scheme; and NR CARE, our career average salary scheme which is a type of defined benefit arrangement.

You can learn more about each of the three schemes as well as finding useful information to download including scheme booklets and forms that help you get the most from the benefits you’re entitled to. There’s also a handy comparison factsheet of the features of RPS65, CARE and the NRDC below.

Useful Links

NR Schemes’ key features factsheet

NR Decision Tree – Which NR Pension Scheme can I join?

SMART Booklet

L&G CARE AVC Investment Microsite
Further information on CARE AVCs including investment fund factsheets.

L&G NRDC Investment Microsite
Further information on NRDC membership including investment fund factsheets.

Pensionable Pay Summary Table
Factsheet explaining how Pensionable Pay is treated in the Railways Pensions Scheme (RPS), NRDC and CARE pension schemes.


RPS and NR CARE Actuarial Valuation Results
Read here for information on the results of the 2022 Actuarial Valuations for the Network Rail Section of the RPS and the Network Rail CARE Pension Schemes.

CARE & NRDC Member Nominated Director
Read here for the results of the 2024 Member Nominated Director Election

Automatic Re-enrolment 2022
Read here for details on Automatic Re-enrolment taking place at Network Rail in April 2022.

Ukraine Situation
A message from the NR CARE and NRDC Chair of Trustees on the Ukraine situation and the pension schemes investments.

New RPS Retirement Planner
Read here for details of the new RPS Retirement Planner.

New NR CARE and NRDC Administrator
Read here for details of the change of administrator for the NR CARE and NRDC Pension Schemes.

The new RPS Member Website
Details of the new RPS member website.

Protect yourself against pension scams
The Pensions Regulator has published a ten step guide on how to spot the signs and give yourself the best possible protection against pension predators.  Please refer to the Pensions Regulator website and check the facts before you make an irreversible decision.

Looking after your loved ones
All three Network Rail pension schemes provide a death-in-service lump sum of four-times pensionable pay. The only way to tell the Trustee who your beneficiaries are is to complete a Nomination/Expression of Wish form.
The forms are downloadable from this website by selecting your pension scheme from the menu.

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