Paying in more

You can choose to pay NRDC Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) with the aim of increasing your NRDC Personal Retirement Account (PRA) at retirement.

NRDC AVCs are solely a member contribution and there is no contribution by Network Rail.

You can choose to contribute as much as you like, either with regular NRDC AVC contributions or one-off lump sums.

You can decide how your NRDC AVCs are invested.
Either by selecting the NRDC Managed Lifestyle options where your investments will follow a set investment strategy.
Or you can manage your investments yourself by choosing from a range of Pick ‘n’ Mix investment funds.
Information on NRDC AVCs, including helpful guides and each funds performance factsheets can be found at the Legal & General NRDC AVC Investment microsite.

NRDC AVCs are also eligible for tax relief in the same way your regular NRDC contributions are, however NRDC AVCs are not currently deducted via the SMART arrangement at Network Rail.

You will need to consider the Annual Allowance, the maximum amount that is permitted by the Government to be paid into your pension in a tax efficient way each tax year.

To set up NRDC AVCs or amend the amount of NRDC AVCs you pay, complete the NRDC AVC Form.

To amend where your past and future NRDC AVCs are invested, complete the NRDC AVC Change of Investment Form.

You can view the current value of your NRDC AVCs by logging into your NRDC Member Account.